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Individual or Group Sessions


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DogAbility Center offers a warm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere where registered particiants are placed either in an hour long private or a group session depending on the needs of that individual. We have a party room for celebrations and educational clinics, a closed room that is private and quiet as well as open areas setup to provide controlled activities with our dogs and the particpants.


           All DogAbility sessions are to provide  education, socialization, recreation, inspiration or comfort.


Our dogs as well as their handlers are individually evaluated for temperament, energy and skill so that they are then placed in a particular activity session. Some canine teams are great at jumping over jumps, through tunnels and onto platforms on command, while others enjoy racing games, scent games or simply lying still and enjoying being stroked or dressed in costumes!


OPEN SESSIONS - for SINGLE INDIVIDUALS - ($25 each paid in advance)

These sessions are scheduled at specific times during the year for individuals who would like to be inserted into a group activity (age & ability specific).

Please email us at the address above for the specific date and time.

TO REGISTER: Go to Register button above ~ click on Participant/Individual


PRIVATE SESSIONS -  for SINGLE INDIVIDUALS - (45 minutes - $50 each paid in advance)

TO REGISTER : Go to Register button above ~ click on Participant/Individual

If it is decided that a particular individual requires a private session we also decide which one of our canine teams are best suited to that session. Perhaps it is a Fear of Dogs, a need for comfort in a controlled room. There is soft carpet, rocking chairs, puzzles, a large blackboard, puppets, books, music and crafts as well as posters with canine depicted illistrations to use for discussion and education specifically for those who would not want to be with more than one dog at any time. If it is an option to use the open area then individuals are encouraged to be with a dog in activities that are more physical like running, jumping and tunneling using small scale obstacles.


GROUP SESSIONS - for 6 or MORE INDIVIDUALS - ($20 each / $25 deposit paid in advance)

TO REGISTER: Go to Register button above ~ click on Participant/Group

Some groups come to us already formed as with an organization, a school or scouts, while other groups are formed by our own design based on demand.

Groups may ask us to focus on our unique canine activities as a social event, while others request that we present an educational format for purposes of merit badges or simply to round out the experience and the love of dogs!




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