Fear of Dogs

Do you have a child who is extremely fearful of dogs?

Are you an adult hoping to overcome this debilitating phobia?

We can help you rise above the fear and see dogs as the friendly, lovable creatures they are.

As grateful as so many of us are for the mutually rewarding relationship we have with our dogs, there are many who suffer from an extreme fear of dogs which is often caused by a traumatic encounter with a dog or because of a lack of early, positive exposure to them. Since dogs can be found in almost any public space, a fear of dogs is particularly distressing and debilitating for sufferers.

A fear of dogs is one of the most common animal phobias. Fear is often passed down from parent to child. If you aren't afraid of dogs, your child could be because of a bad experience he had. A sensitive child might be upset hearing a barking dog or experiencing a dog jump on him, even if the dog is being friendly. Children then tend to generalize this fear to all dogs.

At DogAbility, we follow a series of steps in gradually exposing a participant to our gentle dogs while coaching on the animal’s non-verbal signals and ways in which to deal with their anxiety. These are private sessions where the participant can work on overcoming their fear in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

It's best to work on overcoming this phobia sooner rather than later so that it doesn't become a longer lasting fear.

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Comments from participants:

"I want to thank Vicki, Kevin and all of the wonderful people and dogs at DogAbility for helping Michael conquer his fear of dogs. Overcoming this has been a true testimony to Michael's bravery but this is due to the trust that was established by all of the trainers along his journey. Each time he came, he was incredibly nervous and anxious. As weeks have gone by, his confidence continues to grow and he walks in to meet new dogs with less trepidation than the previous time. We cannot thank you all enough for your patience, kindness, encouragement, understanding and love in helping Michael. DogAbility is truly a wonderful program and we are grateful to have found you! We look forward to sharing this program with other families that have children who fear dogs." ~ Alison G

"You have done such an amazing job helping Lauren to get over her fear of dogs, that she now wants one!" ~ Gayle Z

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