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 DogAbility Center’s Mission: To provide innovative canine-assisted experiences, using certified activity therapy dogs with skilled handlers that afford stimulation, encouragement and entertainment to better the lives and well being of children and adults of all abilities in the community.

Why We Love Dogs

Dog Eyes

How To Clean Crusty Dog Eyes – Causes, Treatments & Prevention

Dog eye gunk is the last thing you want to touch and deal with, but the bad news is you have to. Dogs will occasionally …

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Puppy Breath

How Long Does Puppy Breath Last

Puppy breath is hard to describe in words. While most people can agree that dog breath is not always a pleasant odor, the scent of …

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dog eating

How Long Does It Take For Puppies To Digest Food? Understanding Your Pup’s Digestive System

Dog owners tend to humanize their furry friends. It is perfectly normal though. You communicate with your dog and you look after it. Sooner or …

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How Long Do Chihuahua Stay In Heat? Everything You Need To Know About Your Dog’s Cycle

Adult chihuahuas that are not spayed will inevitably end up with regular heat cycles on a yearly basis. If you have never had a female …

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Sunflower Seeds

Are Sunflower Seeds Poisonous To Dogs? Benefits & Potential Side Effects

Dogs love eating scrap foods dropping on the floor. Sometimes, these occasional treats could be alright for your furry friend. But other times, panic could …

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Bladder Cancer

How Long Can A Dog Live With Bladder Cancer? What To Know!

There are more types of urinary or bladder cancer in dogs and each of them may react in different ways. Plus, cancer can spread to …

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DogAbility Center is the first of its kind on Long Island to invite participants to visit at an all-inclusive location where a specialized canine-interactive experience is aligned with a participant’s needs. We offer multiple canine-assisted activities, utilizing certified therapy dogs who engage with our participants in one-on-one experiences including elements found in canine sports.

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