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DogSmart sessions are for those children who love dogs and would like to learn more about them. Our skilled staff and certified dog teams are present to teach a variety of topics with HANDS-ON experiences.

Participants are of any age and we try to place them in groups of similar ages.

DogSmart sessions are held according to demand and may be scheduled on weekdays, weekends, holiday breaks and throughout the summer.

DogSmart is designed to help children become more educated and confident around dogs.

Canine TOPICS include:

  • Identifying Breeds of Dogs  - What breed is this~ What is the breed's form and function
  • Dog Breeders - Where to find the particular breed~ How to choose the right breeder
  • Choosing a dog - Male or female ~ Cost of care ~ Age ~ Commitment ~ Lifestyle considerations
  • Pet Shops - When to shop in one ~ Which ones to avoid and why
  • Behavior - Reading body language ~  What is normal and desireable vs undesireable behavior
  • Training - Socialization ~ Communication ~ Methodology
  • Health and Nutrition - Veterinary Visits ~ Vaccines ~ Choices of safe vs toxic foods 
  • Equipment/Management - Crates ~ X Pens ~ Gates ~ Leashes ~ Collars ~ Harnesses
  • Competition and Sport - Intro to Obedience, Agility, Scent Work, Rally, Flyball
  • Therapy and Service Dogs - What is the difference ~ Who benefits ~ Skills and Identification required by law


Fees: $100 for 4 weekly sessions - after school and on weekends


**future dates and times to be determined**


Our first DogSmart kids who have completed the INTRO course!

               DogSmart 1st grads

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